Monday, June 6, 2011

WMF The Great Moodini

This is a fail in it's own rights. Too bad he got hurt. Accidents happen. But this seems to be an accident that could have been avoided. These types of handcuffs require actual time to get out. Granted it could go down to a millisecond, but those simply wouldn't "fall off". And with such a stunt every millisecond counts.

I feel bad for the guy. He's done nothing wrong with audience management, marketing, exposure and all of the usual stuff. He just had a bad day. And to fail for just a millisecond led to pain and ridicule.

Mooney told the local 11alive reporter Chris Sweigart the following:
Mooney said his dangerous stunt days are over, and he wanted to make sure kids learned from his accident.

"Don't ever do anything dangerous like that, because it could get you hurt real bad," he said. "I'm a prime example."

So yeah. Let this be a positive failure this week. Actually learn from it. Don't put yourself in danger.

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