Thursday, June 2, 2011


Did you know that Calen Morelli has a Wikipedia entry. And only in German for some reason. So what's going on here. He obviously didn't write it himself like other pathetic magicians. So who did and why did this person think it was a good idea to make a Wikipedia entry about him?

Whenever you need to do a voice over for a promotional video, do it in the morning, when your voice is still all sticky and rough. <-- That sounds nasty!

Don't you just love the add for the Porper Clip that starts like "When magicians think of card clips, they think of one name—Joe Porper." So I'm not a magician then?

There is stage magic and there is close up. The in between stuff is usually called stand up or party magic. But I think there needs to be another category. Ultra Close Up! For all things super tiny.

Having a good pitch, a good day and few thousand people who appreciate and pay for a good magic show suck if you can't go, because you are sick. Damn it!

When practicing Seconds it is best to make yourself a guide card. Basically you take a marker and once you found the perfect position for all the fingers to be in, mark that position on the back of the card. That way you cannot forget the optimal position for all the fingers and it helps adjusting accordingly later on.

Don't do the salt pour with sugar... all sticky.

Having a hobby outside of magic is essential. All hail the Old Ones. All hail Yog-Sothoth.

And as before: Always bring napkins to your show. When it happens you will thank me!


Stijn Hommes said...

It's simply. Wikipedia is written by volunteers and it seems only one German thought to write an article on him.

darkstar said...

His mutant cousin Hans F├╝cker.

I know a little German. He's right over there. (enter the midget in lederhosen).

Oh sorry small people. Or is it dwarfs now?

Yes I stole that from Top Secret.

May have gone a bit off topic here.