Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WMF Paul Weatherbee

Here is yet another one of those Expert Village (now eHow) magicians exposing magic for money. Is Paul Weatherbee any good? No! Want proof:

I could go on a long rant why this is harmful to magic not good in any way. But I think I have done that often enough now. Instead a rant about so called professionals and their horrible attempt at pacing.

Pacing as we all know refers to how we perceive time. This has little to do with the actual working speed, but they are connected. In magic you can, if you are good do a five minute routine that only has one effect. And those five minutes of maybe having a card picked, signed, lost in the deck are not boring, if the pacing is right.

Fast paced action is almost always the key to success in show business. So here we have Paul Weatherbee, a professional who seems not to have understood the principle of pacing.

I am not going into the horrible structure of the trick above, but if you are bored you will understand what I am rambling about.

Here are some things to make the pacing in magic faster.

  • Work faster! The speed you are working with is connected to the perception of time.
  • Talk faster! Use less words! Cutting down on the patter almost always increases the pacing
  • Get to the magic quickly!
  • Cut down dead time! Dead time is when no magic happens!
  • Cut down deader time! Deader time is when nothing happens that even leads to the magic. Like the performer telling an anecdote.
  • Add more minor effects. Those don't even have to be magical!
  • Add humor or any other associated art (yes, even juggling) to be more entertaining.
  • Rehearse your script and master your material... whenever you need to think about it you lose time
  • Adding content > Adding Fluff

It is not that hard to be entertaining if you are destined to be on stage or "at the table". For the rest it is hard work. And I wonder if an actor who cannot act should continue his career. Did I say actor? I meant magician.

Isn't Paul Weatherbee member of The Wizards of Winter Haven? I.B.M.? Doesn't the I.B.M. have this Code of Ethics? Doesn't the very first rule you agree on say:

To oppose the willful exposure to the public of any principles of the Art of Magic or the methods employed in any magic effect or illusion.

And wouldn't that lead to having him kicked out of the ring? I am probably just day dreaming here!


Anonymous said...

ffin horrible imo LOL

the Minutemen said...

Weird people is everywhere, especially in the magic industry...

xunil2 said...

I am not a magician. Well, I dabble because I'm a psychologist and so much of magic is applied psychology. I was watching some of Weatherbee's videos on his youtube channel and marveling at just how awkward his presentation is.

In some of them he refers to himself as "Award-winning magician Paul Weatherbee", but I can't find any award by googling.

Кирилл Алферов said...

I do not agree that there has to be less talk. In fact, many magicians would not agree with you. Did you see Eugene Burger perform? He tells a lot fo stories.