Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Kieler Woche Baby! Again!

I am doing "Kieler Woche" right now. Basically it is like Oktoberfest only with ships, boats and lot's of water. It's a whole week of crazy opportunities to make money. And that what I am doing this whole week.

The weather is very unpredictable, there is sun for a moment and then boom... rain. So you gotta be ready to fill the "sun phases".

So here a a few rules I learned within three days:

- Never leave the pitch! Seriously, if the sky clears up you don't wanna spend five minutes walking through the masses of people just to reach your pitch.
- Have a freaking sign that says "Magic Show"! Saves you a lot of explaining.
- Doing more tricks is not equal to making more money! I tried. I got the same ammount of money doing less, saving me time to do another show.
- Reset... after the show you better be ready to start all over again, as getting a crowd is the easiest then.
- If your crowd gets big too quickly, you better stop your pathetic card trick and move to the bigger stuff.
- If you have a good pitch, guard it with your life and do not, DO NOT suggest it to your magic buddies.


darkstar said...

That's a really great picture. Reminds me of times past. Very nostalgic, Coney Island in the 30's or something.

Hope you pull in some bank and have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

great picture Roland, hope you had some fun!