Friday, June 3, 2011

5 will get you 10, 10 will get you 20

I know that the cards are sold and the trick is self working, but is this two people routine also sold, or do we have another case of somebody stealing from another?

And it this three person act actually better?


darkstar said...

They all do have one thing in common. They all suck.

I need to go to one of these things with one of those bean bag guns.

Any corrupt cops read this blog?

Roland said...

Yes Matt Hollywood .... zing

RD said...

At 1:04 it looks like Goldfingers' sticks (maybe). But he keeps me interested unlike the others.

Fábio De'Rose said...

The routine is Goldie and Dove's. DOes not urprise me that noone has come up with something other than a copy, lol.