Saturday, May 14, 2011

You got Hassinified!

Watch this average magician... Not bad, but not good either. Would you guess that he is the "Illusionist of the Year"? I'm not shitting you.

"At just 24 years old, Gulf World's Noah Wells is the youngest magician in the United States to win the coveted Merlin Award. It's the highest award in magic. The award was presented to him Wednesday night by Tony Hassini, the chairman of the International Magicians Society, the world's largest magic organization."

This is getting more and more absurd. Tony Hassini... he is such a hypocrite, by making the world believe it is about skill, effort and not money.

And you gotta love the uneducated press who mantra-like repeat whatever is told to them via the press release. (I worked for a newspaper for several years. Trust me local journalist know very little about anything save local politics.) "Highest award in magic" yeah right. In your face FISM!


Kevin Chou said...

Lol, poor sap...

the Minutemen said...

How professional such IMS is all you need to do is to pay US$99 and become and lifetime member?

I just don't want to spend US$2500 plus all traffic and hotel expense to let Tony travel all the way to present such 'highest' magic award.

I rather donate them to Red Cross or whatever for a greater cause.