Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fee Management

Here is a pro tip for you performers... If you are booked to do magic at a wedding. Some stand up and then close up. Don't let the client give you your fee in between the act.

If you get the money, mentally the act is over. It is really hard to continue your show after that and usually leads to you leaving early. Which is highly unprofessional.

Also have a pocket just for the money. Don't put it into your bag of tricks or just any pocket. I lost my money that way one show. Whoever found it got very lucky.

Also... carry napkins with you. Why? If it happens you'll be glad you got them.

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Watkinzez said...

I disagree I think it is better to get payed when you arrive. It eases my mind knowing I don't have to go chase someone for my pay after the show. It can be troublesome and you might have to get to another show and can't spare the time. The pizza delivery man collects the money before you eat your pizza.

Good piece of advice on the napkins.