Thursday, May 5, 2011


Am I alone thinking that modesty is trait that one should have to not come across an ego driven dick? If so, the following words have no meaning:

CENSORED's ego seems to be way too big for this little man. All from his website: author, humanitarian, consultant, type-A personality, actor, magician, mentalist, keynote speaker, photographer, videographer, designer, marketeer, inventor, publisher, social scientist, historian, medic, seasoned traveler, adventurer, veteran, entrepreneur, business leader, black belt, tactical instructor, certified crew service weapons expert, CQB instructor, and close protection specialist.

Guess what I am all of the above too. Also a dog trainer, a horse whisperer, a guy who pays 50 cents in a dollar store and spoon straightener.

Seriously... I can tell why his website speaks of CENSORED in third person most of the time. If that would come straight from the horse's mouth "hubristic smarty-pants" would come to mind. (I know because I am a horse whisperer.)

But aside from all "he is wantonly trampling on the intellectual property of a number of magicians and mentalists, including John T. Sheets (he’s ripped off the Quantum Bender) - and Richard Osterlind"

You can also play a little game... name the artist and the product that he "borrows" from while browsing through his online store. If you are right, you have to drink. A sure fire way to get wasted.

CENSORED, you are this weeks magic failure. But I am sure you won't mind, as your website's trivia clearly says "He has a very self-deprecating sense of humor about his life. He doesn’t take himself nearly as seriously as it seems."

Oh by the way, in your long list of what you are you forgot one thing: better-than-you!


Harry said...

This guy is a little bit sensitive to criticism! I just received an extremely foul mouthed message from him! What a loser. It saddens me that creeps like this are attracted to magic for what they can rip out of it.

Jerrine Absher said...

A little? I disagreed with him on a forum and he wanted me to tell him where I lived so he could come kick my ass. Yeah right. He's a total tool and nothing short of one.

Stijn Hommes said...

How exactly is telling how many finger a girl is holding up a routine? A routine is supposed to have a beginning, middle and end like a story and have some level of entertainment. If all his routines are like that, The value of what you get suddenly drops a lot...

darkstar said...

This guy is bat shit crazy. Let's not forget he proudly made a web page that was trying to collect private information on "pirates".

Then again he also had many other flops that went nowhere like "magic for girls".

I'd steer VERY clear of this guy. I truly feel in the bottom of my being not only does he feel he's an elite saint and genius above us all...but will be propose militant methods and scare tactics against the slime of the Earth that doesn't agree with his sheer awesomeness.

Pretty obvious he's got head problems. I knew a guy that somewhat ticked like he does. Constant "ideas" that will change the world and also make some money, while kicking ass of all the sinners....stay the fuck away.

Cheri said...

This guy tried to scam me and when I questioned his intentions, he told me that he wanted my address so he could "shove my teeth down my throat". Be aware of this Jerk!

Unknown said...

you idiots this guy is De'vo Vom Schattenreich.

now you should also know, he has 0% ego.

and he is all of the above.

if you don't know, now you know. go find out and do something productive with your damn time.

HughLennon said...

I purchased an item from this man on the 5th December 2011. Not having received it after the new year, I enquired about delivery. He replied that it was sent and added that he had no control over the British postal service. He then promised that he would send another one. Lst week, I still had not received the item. I asked for a refund and was told that if I wanted my money back I would have to refuse delivery of the item and I would get a refund.I get the impression that no item will ever be delivered and no refund either! A friend checked the domain number of this man's website and found out that it is registered to a company who hides the identity of owners of domains. So, no address listed! I noticed that he has so many websitesand seems to be selling magic items other have put on the market and climing to be his own. One such item, The Devil's bottle, being sold by an American Magic dealer at $1000 is being ripped off, claiming that the method is scientific, therefore anyone's. He is selling the method on a dvd priced at $99. And the more I look into it, the more complaints there seems to be from Magicians. Yet how come he is still allowed to be scamming people? Who does one complain to? If he had been based in the UK, Trading Standards would have been on to him by now...