Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #90

What's up with Jay Sankey nowadays?

Eight minutes of bullshitting:

Bending the Real. At first I thought.... Bending, is that just another word for magic trick? Then I read his blog:

"A bend can be shared in almost any form and medium. A push-up bra is a bend. A magic trick is a bend. A practical joke is a bend. A forged painting is a bend. Even a puzzle or riddle, shared with people in such a way as to mislead their thinking, is also a bend. Bends can be shared for many reasons. To impress, amuse, control, humiliate, flirt, amaze, connect, and even inspire. It depends on the bender, the situation, and who the bend is being shared with."

So a bend is a deception then?

"A bend is a deception."

Oh, thank you Jay for making that clear to me. But I do have another question.
What is the difference between a magic trick and a bend?

"Bends are only possible thanks to a combination of people’s everyday assumptions, the bender’s understanding of the ‘blind spots’ of most people’s awareness, and a familiarity with techniques and principals designed to explore, exploit and even celebrate these ‘blind spots.’ Shared at the right time and place (and in the right spirit) a bend can be a truly transcendental experience."

So there is no difference then? Well I thought so.


darkstar said...

If you'd like to find this video more amusing than it should be. Think "Decompression sickness" when he says "Bends"....We put pressure on ourselves. Bending is about being yourself!

Funny ass video now huh! OK. Not so much.

I think I just wasted comment space.

I can just be meeeeeee! I can be anything!!!! Shock bends...all kinds of bends. Innovative, engaging!!

WTF Sankey. I like bending attractive women too. We may have something in common after all.

PS. Is it me or has Sank aged awfully well? He got lucky in the gene bends.

Justin said...

Yeah. I read somewhere that he's upwards of 70 years old.

S.W.Erdnase said...

A bend... omg hahaha

Mike said...

I can't help thinking that this is just a way of coming up with something like Paul Harris "Art of Astonishment" phrase.

Mike said...

The definition of a bend --- to sell the same old shuttle pass based shite to the ever slavering morons eager for the next new thing---even though it isn't the next new thing at all but just a variation of the same old thing.

Said bends usually sold in video format and with props that the seller has only had to invest in from his local hardware store e.g. washers. This gross rip off sold to the masses as keeping it real.

Bends are usually performed in a "whacky" style that only 3 mth olds or the mentally deficient would find amusing. At times bends are also delivered in a way that suggests a severe psychosis on the part of the performer :-

The Smiling Mule said...

So he has come out and said what everybody was already thinking...

"My name is Jay Sankey, and I'm a bender."

Justin said...

Jay "Bender" Rodriguez