Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #91

If there is one move I really like it is the one phase in a regular dancing cane routine by which the cane is swung around the back of the head. Most performers do this automatic ducking action. Just cute!

Also, wanna see a piss poor performance by a magic dealer?

Seriously.... keep the cane straight! Since nobody can be fooled with the method (key word: flow-wand) at least dazzle them with beauty.

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the Minutemen said...

Hey Roland you know what, that magic geek thing I and my magician use as a kind of 'benchmark' what a props / effect looks like if it is performed by laymen.

So in other words, if we still fooled by them (or looks great in their hands), it might worth to try and buy that props / gimmicks.

So a sword may have two sides in some case don't you agree?