Thursday, May 19, 2011

Damn You Jerry Sadowitz

Enjoy the video as long as you can... Jerry Stuff seems to vanish... just like coins.

Damn you and your creative genius. I thought I was alone. I thought I was clever. Turns out you have been doing that exact bit that I do years before I was born.

What am I talking about.... Fan the playing cards towards yourself and remove one, the back facing the audience. Ask a spectator to name any card. Most often the card named will be different from the one in your hand. If not, you got a bloody miracle. However most often the trick goes on like this. "Wrong" as you turn over the cards. Patter about what a great trick it would have been and that one day you will get it right. Until then you have to resort to Plan B. That line should get you enough time to cull the named card under the cover of putting the first card back into the deck. Then palm and produce the named card as Plan B from a pocket. (Jerry used to produce the card from his fly, which is totally not my style.)

Anyway... I just can't wrap my head around the fact how great he is about structuring routines with all the misdirection and direction. All without losing focus of the effect and all with minimalistic "work".

Great magician... too sad he didn't over expose himself to the magic world... But then again, that is one thing what makes up a great magician.

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darkstar said...

Thus is the brilliance of Smiling Mule.

You too Phantom Notebooks.