Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pro Tip For Zack Mueller

At the two minute mark of the video below he praises that weird ass Torn and Restored card by Blake Vogt as his favorite Torn and Restored card that he has seen yet!

We all know how it works, therefore we all know that Blake Vogt's horribly retarded brain child called "REF4M" needs to be saved from it's misery. And I assume Zack Mueller knows this too. He maybe young, but he ain't stupid.

Maybe knowing the Blake Vogt in person might wanna make one not bash him for his creation, but anyone with a decent sense of magic and morality would at least not mention this abomination at all.

Since Zack Mueller is praising this grotesque, blatant ugliness of a trick it can only mean one thing. Theory 11 told him to do that.

At that makes him a Theory 11 whore.

The sad thing is this. I think of Zack Mueller in very high regards. I think he has an exceptional skill at comedy. Both in timing and delivery. Not many magicians seem to possess that gift. He also seems to be very relaxed as he performs and has this aura of naturalness. As this demo video below shows.

Maybe he needs to update the reel to adjust with his age.

Sorry Zack, I kind of like you, but you screwed the pooch on that one! If you wanna be a car dealer, be a car dealer! But maybe I am wrong and you got a good reason why you think that Blake's little trick is a good trick.

Next time keep your integrity by mentioning the product but not choosing sides.


Mike said...

He's a relatively young man who might be asked to promote effects for Theory 11 which appears to be the company he works for --whats the problem with that. We need to cut kids, who are learning about the world, a bit of slack. He's not hurting anyone.

And you misquote him . He actually says its one of his favorite T and R effects that he's seen yet. Not best--- there is a subtle difference.

Can't say I'm impressed when you single out youngsters for WMF-- it shows a lack of perspective --- something unfortunately all too common amongst magicians.

Roland said...

Zack may be young, but he is not dumb. He is a smart young man. Him Willfully lying about the card routine just because T11 said so is sort of bad. Really! They let Zack do these Insiders, because he is creative and smart... To make him ask to lie about a product would be insulting his creativity and intellect. So I have to assume he decided to not "frame" the product advertisement differently because his morality towards magic is smaller than towards his employer. Ergo... he has become a sell out. He could have kept his integrity by merely saying that the product is out, without taking any sides.
Could be due to his inexperience... but whatever... he failed. And I am just picking on a small detail here. But my gut feeling tells me: If he doesn't watch out he might become the next Chris Kenner. And Chris disappointed me soooooo much!

Stijn Hommes said...

Just dropping the ball on one occasion (and a small one at that) is not enough to call someone a WMF.

Compared to exposers and scam artists, this is not even remotely failing, besides, "one of the favorite T&R effects he's seen" might simply mean he's unaware of what Paul Harris put out in the past.

He parotted the ad copy and slammed the effect's name. Sounds fine to me.

Trickster said...

"Just dropping the ball on one occasion (and a small one at that) is not enough to call someone a WMF. "

As this is Roland's blog I would assume it is up to him who he calls a WMF, and what actions justify it.

Roland said...

But Stijn is kind of right. It was rushed of me. So I turned it into a pro tip thingy...

Trickster said...

WTF You changed the post Roland?
Way to stand by what you say NOT

Roland said...

Yeah sometimes stuff changes, when you think about it again.... kind of the nature of things.