Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Like Titles?

Is an Award worth anything? (scroll down and look at the pictures) Well only to those who believe it is worth something and that it stands for something. It could stand for effort, creativity, originality, skill or whatever you want, compared to the effort, creativity, originality, skill or whatever you want of the peer groups.

So if you do a card fan better than anyone else who does card fans you deserve a freaking "card fan award", right? Well if that is the case... Any award is crap. It only means something to the peer group. To the rest, who is simply unaware of the details of that award, it means nothing.

Unless you tell them. And they are easily impressed by any award... as usually it takes effort to get an award. But we, who are "in the know" know that it is really, really easy to get a magic related award. Merlin Awards are practically handed out to everyone. The title world champion is awarded to not so outstanding magicians. And magician of the year is shared by more than one per year.

So I propose the following idea. Let's make up an award. And give it out to some people. It will be important, if we tell people that it is important. We could even put a nice twist to it. What if the award is actually not a positive one, that shines on success, but rather an award that glorifies failure. We could hand out the award every single week. Naturally people do not want this award, therefore there is no need to actually make them. All we need to do is to declare it online. Maybe a blog.

Yeah, Weekly Magic Failure... has a nice ring to it.

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