Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mentalist's Rant

I don't like mentalism... Wait, let me say it differently; I don't like mentalism if it's connected to magic. Both may use the same methods and principles, but are perceived as something entirely different. At least in most cases.

Magic doesn't exist. A freaking coin is not going to disappear. The magician is only able to make it look like that. But mentalism... that is a whole different matter. That could be true.

And therefore I see the appeal that mentalism has to fellow magicians. Also, being a mentalist, you need a lot less props, you can ask for much higher fees and you can wear a nice suit. Mentalism, if done correctly, plays stronger than magic and it can be just as entertaining as a good magic show.

The road to mentalism is a road that is easy to take and is much more rewarding than magic. So Bless all those Mentalists out there... as long as they don't dare to do any magic.

That is my turf. Magic and mentalism do mix... but they hardly mix well. If you are not a Joseph Dunninger, who actually did the linking rings to warm up his audiences for his mentalism show you are probably doing it wrong. Even Dunniger didn't really mix magic with mentalism. He did both but not within the same act. Or even the same routine...

Like this:

This is a god awful presentation of mentalism. It is a card transposition (clearly a magic effect) with ESP cards. It is so hard to watch that video. It was sent to me by a good friend and I have not managed to look at the entire thing for months. Now that I did, I want all of those 6 minutes back.

Now here is my question, maybe you can help. Who is this horrible performer? I'd like to give him a nice little digital trophy called "Weekly Magic Failure"


Gary Magic said...

I managed 1 minute and 26 seconds!!

Trickster said...

2.51 and I want it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!