Thursday, August 19, 2010

Astral Projection

Click here, if you wanna have a laugh. Be sure to close the window which makes a script window pop up, after hitting "OK", you click "cancel" to get to the real page. (weird scripting here)

Take a look at the video. So you know what Astral projection is all about.

This has potential.. You might think of an awesome way of stalking people, but think further. You can actually go anywhere in time and get the lottery numbers for next week.

I'm amazed that the government has not categorized this as an terrorist's tool to spy on the security systems of government buildings.

All for just 37$, damn!

But I personally would stay away from it. The video proves it. You will always travel without your penis.


Bill said...

or you can develop your mind with Meditation and accomplish Out of Body experiences. When you meditate with the intent to improve your visualization skills it makes Astral Projection that much easier

Trickster said...

I think Bill's been drinking the Cool Aid.

Magic Unlimited said...

So Richard Webster has written over 100 of these types of books - does that make him a WMF?

Magic Unlimited said...

Oh, and the government has "researched" astral travel, but called it "remote viewing".

Some people will believe anything.

Some people will capitalise on this fact.