Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WMF Andy Field

Better stop this now, before it get's out of hand. I present a failure in the making. His name: Andy Field. A decent magician I might add. He does magic that is not self working and his "skillz" are good. (About the same level as the current world champion of magic)

So what is it all about. Well his YouTube channel is filled with many, many magic videos and a few of them are tutorials.

Here is one of them:
Gone by clever editing, instead I bring you this:

You clearly see, that Andy Field is not one of those YouTube kids just out to expose magic. He does it fairly well and even calls himself a magic teacher. So far the amount of tutorials are little, but he obviously is on the right track to become a great exposer of magic.

Andy, please stop. You are welcome to spoil any magic you create, but doing the eidetic change with with a cover of a fan was even mentioned by Marlo himself.

If you wanna do online tutorials for selected friends... well, there is the option of setting the videos to private.

Andy Field, you are this weeks Magic Failure.

Edit: Andy Field is no longer Magic Failure. He actually changed the settings of his tutorials so they are unlisted. Only those who have the link can watch them... And I am totally OK with that. That means that Andy Field has his titel revoked and that he can no longer call himself a Weekly Magic Failure. Too bad, it's a really awesome title... Even the World Champion of Magic bears is.

Andy: Good luck with your magic. Don't join the dark side.


Tim said...

I really cannot believe that it says he changed for the good and that you wished him luck. He exposes magic like a maniac and even calls his tutorials "amazing magic trick revealed" and very recently even "Criss Angel trick revealed" while the trick had nothing to do with Criss Angel, all and only to get massive amounts of views and laymen watching his videos.

Roland said...

You do bring up a very valid point. I haven't checked at Andy's progress in a while. So you are correct, I fail in that regard that it has not come to my attention. I will make changes accordingly.

Ed said...

This guy definitely needs to be WMF again. Tons of youtube exposure, plus dodgy website tactics, where he's put magician in.... for nearly every UK town and city, even those that are hundreds of miles from where he is based.