Friday, August 6, 2010

That's Why

How come that there are people out there who don't like magic?

1. Don't act romantic, if your looks don't support that!

2. DO SOMETHING! First effect after two minutes. Badly done I might add.

3. Do not over sexualize your act!
4. Don't use music that everyone connects with that one pirate movie!
5. Stop the posing!
6. Don't ridicule your assistent from the audience just to make the rest laugh.

7. If you act like a clown, don't expect to be treated like anything else.

8. If you light candles during your act, don't drop the matches.
9. Make sure half of your act isn't "powered" by Fantasio
10. If you do manipulation, don't think that, candles, a blendo, some doves, snowstorm and the cage vanish is enough.

11. If you really have a good beginning, don't bore your audience with card tricks the rest of the time.

12. Don't upload videos of yourself that are a million years old and advertise with them.

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