Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WMF Parth Dalal

The Axis Change is one of those color changes that cannot be done in the real world. I would not call the technique angle sensitive... As there is only one angle to view this from. The change was purely created to be viewed from just that angle you see in the video below.

Fact: The move was designed for the YouTube magician not for a real magician. Of course Ellusionist knew that, yet sells the impractical, unusable effect for 12 dollars.

But shame also goes to the creator, the young Parth Dalal I guess... oh wait. Ellusionist bought the exclusive rights to sell the effect. So never mind...

I think it was a smart move of the young American to sell unusable magic to a company that will sell a few of them, and then gets known for selling crap.

In Parth's case I would have changed my name for that thing and would not use it in my Résumé, but he is young, he will distance himself from that project in a short while. At least that would be a wise move.

As for Parth himself. I hope he stays out of magic. And sticks to making music. He really has a knack for that thing.

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Keo said...

The vanishing thumb trick, BRILLIANT!