Thursday, July 1, 2010

WMF John Louis

There are much more lessons on Gospel Magic on his YouTube channel.

Maybe I am way too one sided about this, but I think there was something in the Bible about magicians... How all of them should be stoned to death. Even the Fakers.
But since pick and choose is seemingly fair play when dealing with the Bible I assume this argument is null and void.

So I go with this one... John Louis is not a magician. He is a wannabe preacher and he is unable to present his message without falling back to some sort of gimmick. But why does it have to be magic? Or as John would call it: Gospel Illusions.

My educated guess would be, because he really likes self working magic. Yes I think, he is really into it. But he is much more into God which creates quit a dilemma.
John says that one should not use the term "magic" but he himself uses it.

Isn't that a lovely non confusing trick? And that seems to be the peek of John's magic.

John might be the nicest guy around, but he surly tears down the magic image by not taking it seriously. And I cannot stand that. I love magic too damn much as not to at least mention this sort of abuse of magic.

John, please go back to juggling, I have seen pictures of a much thinner version of you on your website. You are able to do that. And you may have all my blessings to take down those fellows.

And one last thing, from fat dude to fat dude.... wear black, that really helps.

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