Friday, July 9, 2010


Lol, "Dai Vernon" seems to be the password to most secret parts of magic websites...

How creative!


Ultimagic said...

For the most part it always something like, "Who is known as the professor?" "Dai _______". LOL

Another one of my favorites was "How many steps to mentalism are there?" :)

There are some pretty funny ones out there.

justin said...

Granted, using Vernon as a password is pretty lame. I have seen other things such as, "What was Houdini's real name?" I think that is quite a bit better honestly.

The problem is that google knows all and people want traffic on their pages.

Is there a good fix for this dilemma?

descartes84 said...

I remember blendomagic at used to have some videos of Jerry Sadowitz behind some impressive password protection.

To view the videos, you needed two passwords, both of which were the names of Roy Walton effects at random page numbers in the walton books (and no smiling mule wasn't one of the tricks).

I can't think of better passowrd protection than that tbh. It's a pity the videos are no longer there.