Monday, June 28, 2010

Nice Move Shawn!

A few minutes ago I got an email from Youtube, telling me that one of the videos that I have posted got removed, because of "copyright infringement". It was my little technical commentary on Shawn Farquar's "Shape of my Heart" routine. In the video I took away the music and commented just on the sleights. The removale of the video was issued by Shawn Farquar...

He seems to have gotten rid of all of the FISM videos of that routine. Again, I think that the routine by itself is an okay routine but the execution during FISM last year was really bad. So bad that it should not have won 1st prize. But this is just my opinion.

So Shawn: Nice move of not showing the world that you don't deserve the title of World Champion of Magic.


darkstar said...

I'd think it's more about.

It won first prize.
It flashes so poorly most everything is obvious.
Hands like a crank addict isn't great promotion.

I seriously doubt it's anything more or less.

As Paul Harris once said "Yeesh, what a dick"

Funny you took it down. You had every right for the video to be up there. Wouldn't go anywhere in court. That video was 100 percent fair use.

Like Ellis they will send notices to things they don't legally own but claim to, this is actually a very large penalty to do such.

But I'm sure you don't much give a shit in the end.

Ultimagic said...

I would have kept it up.

Screw Farquar. Hes worthless anyway.

Gavroche said...

I hate it when people do that.


If you remove Youtube videos because they supposedly infringe your copyright, then use that right and release the video material yourself. Now the whole FISM act will just disappear into nothingness. You've got a prize; be proud of it.

Using a copyright infringement claim to hide a bad performance only makes me and a lot of other people think less of you.

Ultimagic said...

You should expect nothing less from this P.O.S.