Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WMF Michael Maxwell

Self working card tricks can be entertaining. Sometimes even the structure and the off hands approach add to the impossibility of the effect. But most often it is a mind numbing experience and a torture to those who have to endure the whole process.

Let me introduce you to Michael Maxwell. A magician who is responsible for 6 (that is SIX) DVDs with self working card magic. Most of them are dull. And I know, I just finished watching them all.

Why am I interested in self working card tricks? Well I teach card magic to kids. And they are still too young to master complicated sleights... is that enough of an excuse?

Anyway, Michael Maxwell is one of those rare cases of a fashion disaster in magic. Did I say rare? I meant the exact opposite. A shiny shirt. Really? And of course it is joined by a cocky attitude and a sleazy look. It might be a wrong impression that I get, but his is what I get. And modest as I am, I assume that my impression is every one's impression.

I remember a time when Michael Maxwell still had a mustache... it was bad too, but it had way more class than his shirt. Here have a look:

Of course, as any magic fashion monster the sleeves are all the way down. But that is only a side note.

Does Magic make normal fellows wear stupid costumes or do weird fellows feel drawn to magic? I think I just answered my own question. Damn!

Michael, you obviously have no good taste when it comes to clothing. Get a fashion counsel! As long as you don't you are WMF.


Ultimagic said...

The first video was fucking horrible! I couldn't even bring myself to watch the second. God I hope no one that I may perform for sees these. Guys like this are the reason that people look at you funny when you say your a magician.

What an idiot. "Just let me count a few cards off the top of the deck before you put your card back". Jesus. This is just so bad I can't even find words. Poor people. I hope they were at least paid well. I think his dickey clothes are the least of his worries.

rafmagus said...

I have not seen this video, let me make that clear. However, I will say this about the "article" The author has no understanding of entertainment in magic. He also needs to take (or re-take) English 101 and maybe a few writing courses, because his style stinks. A card trick, self working or knuckle-buster, is only as good as it is ENTERTAINING. It's the newbies who think things need to be technically difficult to be good, then make complete flashing asses of themselves in performance. You need to read more Eugene Burger, David Berglas, Charles Jordan, and many more, and spend more time practicing your tricks instead of clothes shopping. Mike Maxwell has done more for magic than you probably ever will, so take a long look at yourself and your contributions before you go mouthing off like a spoiled child.

Justin said...

Roland is not disparaging self-working card tricks. In fact, he praises some of them at the beginning of the article.

The point was that Michael Maxwell produced SIX DVDs worth of self-workers, and most of them are terrible. And that's true. The fact that Maxwell has terrible fashion sense is just icing on the cake.

Oh, and by the way, Roland is German. German is his first language. He speaks way better English than most English-speakers speak other languages. So there's that.

Shawn Stover said...

I've been into magic nearly 30 years and I've seen it all with magic; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mike Maxwell fits the last two.

Having just watched several of his various videos (thankfully for FREE), I can honestly say that Michael Maxwell is THE WORST magician I've ever seen (of published performers) and he wins that distinction by a landslide.

His clothing is so bad that it seems like he may have a learning disability. He gets laughs often in his act with flamboyant mannerisms and really corny jokes, but he's oblivious to the fact that the audience is laughing AT him, not WITH him. His queer clothing and behavior is embarrassing to watch, and his patter and gestures are irritating and rude.

His handling of even the most simple effects is terribly ham-fisted and he botches nearly everything. His presentations are weak and corny, but maybe that's to distract you from his completely amateur sleight of hand skills (does he ever practice?).

The only thing worth watching is the balloon swallowing. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time as I did seeing him gobble the balloon, stroking and licking with his eyes closed in apparent ecstasy. It's hilarious; his best work. The sad thing is he's wretched at doing the trick.

Michael Maxwell is a horrible magician and a horrible teacher of magic. It's guys like him that make people hate magic.