Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WMF Adonis

As I am writing this I am nude... ...I have to. Don't even try to picture this, it is not a pretty sight. But this week's failure is Adonis, a magician who is also a stripper. The forty something year old man from Augsburg, Germany is "Europe's official professional nude magician from Germany."

You may remember the Ursula Martinez, who also did magic while stripping, but I would not consider her a failure, simply because I would say she actually is an artist. If you check out her website you will see that the "vanishing hanky" trick is just one of her many facets, and most of them are neither pretty nor funny, but honest efforts to create some sort of artistic statement about family, relationships, friends and age, that might only be appreciated by a few.

Adonis however is none of that. So you might ask yourself, what does he do?

Well... he starts with a rose production, still fully clothed. (shiny glitter vest BTW.) Then he does a Bank-night effect with the three female volunteers winning not the money but small lipsticks in the shape of miniature penises. After that he takes off his vest. Then the next magic set: from his lace tanga he produces a banana followed by water in the newspaper, only the newspaper being an erotic magazine. After that he does finger ring to nest of boxes. Of course with destroying the borrowed ring before that using the old prop called "ring mill".

Adonis will then take off the next piece of clothing. His shirt. Following that is a routine by which the "erection" is demonstrated by a piece of rope. The rope becomes stiff then weak again, as man becomes older. After that endurance stunt the show is followed by three white feathers changing colour after being pushed through the sweaty legs of our protagonist. Then it is time for the head chopper. Using a spectator. Take a guess what the usual carrot is going to symbolise!

Then his pants are taken off with the aid of female spectators. Almost near the end of the show Adonis does the double colour changing silks between his legs, followed by wearing a cape taking off his tanga and then presenting his "magic wand" by getting rid of the cape.

There is a place for trash entertainment... But magic should not be part of this. Adonis I hate you. Seriously.

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Ultimagic said...

I have to be honest... I've never even heard of stripping magicians until I read this.

After reading this I checked out Ursula's site and actually found a video of her doing her full Hanky routine. If nothing else, I have to get her credit for the sheer sack it must take to get up on stage in front of 1000 people, Strip down to nothing and pull a silk out of her twat.

But I don't find it very magical. In fact I'm of the opinion that certain things should not be mixed. Magic and stripping are now in that list.