Friday, July 2, 2010

Peter Loughran please, please, please

Hi Peter, I got something for you. A few hints how to do better advertisement. This is what you do:

This is what Theory11 does:

Now see the difference? They use widescreen, they got a better camera (HD) and they know how to use lightning.

As much as I like your charming homestyle footage... please buy yourself a new camera. A modern cellphone has better resolution than your piece of trash.
Avoid backlighting. Use a better background than just nature, your living room or your show room. Involve spectators (or fake them like T11 or Ellu) with crazy reactions.

Also, fix your website... it is so damn slow (switch to higher bandwidth for little extra cost) and get a young webdesigner to fix the look of your awkward site, which is so 2005.

You are selling a product... please, put some money into the advertisement. Or simply show us an unedited demo reel, with no cuts and body posing.

PS. Cut down the length of the titel cards in your video to four seconds. You use 40 seconds, before I see anything.

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