Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WMF Juan Fernando de Jesús Pena Sánchez

Wow, what a name Juan Fernando de Jesús Pena Sánchez...

Just lovely how he tries to make himself special by stating:

Born in 1977 in México country. With a Chinese grandfather Juan Fernando is 75% Hispanic and 25% Chinese.

I am aware that in America the Hispanic community is looked down at by others, (At least that what I learned by watching "South Park") but this statement seems shoe-horned to give the appearance of being more than there is. I might be wrong though.

Anyway, Juan Fernando does mostly card magic. And he is pretty decent at it I might add. But as so many others he feels the need to do more than just performing the tricks. He crosses the realm into exposure. He is one of many, many other guys. What makes him different? First his age. He is a year older than me. Most kids on YouTube exposing magic are... well... kids.

Second, his skill ain't bad. For a while I thought that only the lesser skilled, lazy kids who can't succeed with just performing start exposing the secrets of our craft. But it is not true in todays case.

Here you can see him explaining the "Hofzinser Spread Cull":

The video production is quite high, which is also different from the average exposers, making it almost joyful to watch. (almost is key here) If you take a look at his other videos you will see that he goes quite into detail with rewinds, slow motion and even arrows to make clear what he is doing.

A friend of mine wrote him an email asking Juan Fernando why he is exposing material, that is not his to begin with. His answer was that he is "just helping".
I would like to call it stealing. But that's just me.

Personally I grow tired of making people who willingly expose magic Weekly Magic Failure, but I guess someone needs to call out those people who DO NOT help, who just spoil the magic and live on the creativity of others like a parasite.

So here is a nice little tip for others out there. If you are a magician and you have decided to spoil some magic then you better stop calling yourself a magician and state that you hate magic and that the secret needs to be exposed, so people can see that magicians are just stupid people. Or something like this.


Trickster said...

So will you forgive him and let bygones be bygones if he issues an apology like you have previously?
Or does his "age" mean that apologizing after the fact isn't enough?

Roland said...

Why should I forgive him? He could take down his videos IF he wanted to.

Jack said...

At least the masked magician had some initial shame about what he was doing and decided to hide behind a mask. This guy is shamelessly ruining it for people making a living out of magic. One wonders if he was beaten up by a gang of magicians and seeks some sort of revenge. Otherwise I can't explain such low behavior. Actually I can.... he's an idiot!

Gary Sanderson said...

Screw all the haters. This guy is simply making it easy for others to learn the magical arts. Most lay people and audience members do not want to know how something works. They may think they want to know because it seems intriguing to be let in on the secret, but truthfully they simply wanted to be amazed, thus, they consign themselves to being unschooled observers and audience members, which means they never pursue knowledge about the art-don're read books, don't study videos, don't check out youtube, or study web sites dedicated to the study of magic. I see no reason for concern. When someone is excellent, and Juan fernando is, then he is doing the magical community a favor by sharing his teaching and expanding the number of skilled magicians who work to emulate his expertise. I welcome sites like his as they are welcome relief from the 100s of amateur YouTubers spoiling magic with shoddy work, shoddy technique and self-agrandizedment. At least Juan Fernando actually cares to help and share. All haters should simply accept that magic is meant to be shared and not hoarded. The days of having seasoned magicians mentor young newbies is over for the most part, and even if it still thrives in some areas, for most novices there is no one to help them, no local magic shop, no venue to see magic, thus, no one to help but internet teachers like Juan. Juan is not the Masked Magician exposing magic secrets for personal profit. He is simply a man who loves the art and wishes to help other learn and benefit from what he loves. Get off his back.