Monday, May 10, 2010

WMF Wayne Phelps

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you. Really, Fuck you Wayne Phelps, aka William Draven. Fuck you and your greasy hairdo.

Wayny Phelps is yet another professional magician out to spoil the secret in magic. But he goes for the killer material. Expended shell? Really? This is knowledge that should not pass into the realm of lay people. This is too strong of a weapon in our magic armory.

Other things he spoils: The Flipper Coin, several Coin Vanishes (all executed poorly), the Slip Cut Force (thereby explaining the concept of a force), how to control a card to top and bottom, the key card principles and a few card tricks.

on the "" the following is written about Wayne Phelps

Close-up magician and comic Wayne Phelps has been entertaining audiences around the United States for more than seven years. He is a member of both the Academy of Magic Arts and the Society of American Magicians.dkdk

Seven years? Seven Years? Seven Years! Damn I cannot tell you how angry I am. Seven years is not nearly enough time to be considered a professional magician. Yet seven years is enough to learn that teaching magic (which is not a bad thing) on a public forum is considered exposure.

In this video he claims be into magic for 23 years and that he is explaining some of HIS secrets. To make it clear. NONE of the stuff he explains is HIS material. Unless of course you say the moronic structure of HIS effects (take a look at the expanded shell video above) are indeed HIS.

Of course Wayne Phelps doesn't give credit. It actually sounds like he made up all this stuff. That is an impression that is easy to get. Also, it sound like that in order to be a coin magician you need to have gaffed coins. The exact opposite is the truth. (I will elaborate on this a little later this week)

Also... Wayne Phelps' skill sucks.

Isn't it lovely how unnatural and cramped his hand looks when he say that it is important to hold the hand natural? And he teaches it the wrong way. The coin is not held between the muscle of the thumb and the muscle of the ring finger and the pinkie finger. It is held between the muscle of the thumb and the hypothenar muscle which is the muscle on the outside of your hand. (The "outside" of your hand is the side that faces outwards when holding the palms to the floor. The side with the thumb is called "inside")

Why does he doe it. I can only speculate. Jerking off comes to mind. But I just hope he doesn't go that low.

Wayne Phelps, you are Weekly Magic Failure. And damn, you deserve it.


Nick said...

Hell yeah, now that's a rant!

Portland Magician said...

I'll bet he owed someone a lot of money.