Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If You Gonna Pretend Anyway

If you are one of those goofy mentalists, here is an idea: How about making reading a spectator's mind visible. By reaching for their forehead, visibly extracting the thought (D'light) and putting on the own forehead, revealing the information in question.

Again just for those goofy mentalists. If you are serious about mentalism... well... your problem!


darkstar said...

I only use mine fir one thing. And it's goofy. Buy the red ones. When your at a stop light, put your car in park (at night). Get out and goto the back of your car and noodle with the tail lights. The rest is up to you. Personally I do the fat girl opera thing from Donny Darko.

Rest assured. Giving a glance at the car behind you is amusing. Get back in the car. Nothing to see here folks.

Cardman loves you.

darkstar said...

Ps. You know you want to try it. I assure you it can be hysterical. A little lip reading helps.