Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #47

Legal issues: Have you read the fine print of Scott Alexander's blade routine?

To quote a friend of mine:

Are you aware that you have LIMITED PERFORMANCE RIGHTS to even do this routine if you buy it. Those who purchase this routine must sign a contract before the routine is actually shipped to you. The contract states that:

1. You CANNOT perform this routine on TV...EVER!
2. You CANNOT film yourself performing this routine and put it up for public display on yours or any website.
3. You CANNOT film yourself performing this routine and put it up on You Tube (kinda the same as #2).
4. You CANNOT perform this in a venue where they sell tickets for people to watch the show. (see below)

#4 basically means if you're performing in a theater where people are purchasing tickets to watch, then you're not allowed to perform this routine.

The ONLY place you can perform the routine is if you're hired to perform for an event (Corporate Function, Private Party, etc.)

Think about it, you'll get a Blade routine for 800 bucks, with script and jokes and whatnot and you can only perform this at limited venues. That's what I call an oppressive contract!


Trickster said...

I think you forgot the most important place you can perform this, (keeping in mind the types that would spend $800 on a blade routine)in front of their friends, which in itself probably isn't a bad thing.

Intensely Magic said...

Roland, I trust your not surprised. When you get a fish on the line, it's time to gut and clean it.

No catch and release here

Kamal said...

Pint #4 is incorrect.

You can perform this at any ticketed show anywhere in the world, excluding the county in which Las Vegas resides.