Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WMF Jörg Friedrich

It is good to be back. Here this weeks magic failure. His name is Jörg Friedrich and he is from Bromskirchen, Germany. Why is he a magic failure? Not because he is really bad performer who does mostly self working tricks. Like this:

The kids loose interest very fast. A kid walks across the area in front of the stage not watching, this kid called to the stage looks bored. Those are signs of a bad performer. Take a look at all this junk around the stage.

All of that might add up to a magic failure. But no, Jörg Friedrich is a magic failure for a different reason. In the Magic Cafe, Jimmy Fingers, creator of the Magellan Levitation wrote:
Hello everyone,

Be warned that disabled, unauthorized versions of the Magellan Levitation are being sold on certain eBay sites internationally, without my consent, endorsement or participation.

If you choose to purchase these, they will NOT have all features, such as the 3-point stabilization system and the cheat block feature.

Also, there is a very difficult to engineer balance threshold that is very difficult to implement in the construction of the current unit. I don't just use a welder to do these. They are machined by a machine shop, with a precision that is required to assure a consistent performance.

Buyer beware.

Any further information on the fraudulent seller, Ludwig Friedrich, will be appreciated.


Jimmy Fingers

This is what Jimmy Fingers - creator of the awesome "Choppo" - is talking about:

Yes Jörg Friedrich dared to copy this illusion. And that is not all. If you dig through his "online shop" you will find all sorts of knock-offs. This one for example: Chain Broker, a blatant rip-off of Dirk Losander's Chain Breaker. Jörg Friedrich even dared to take the original Losander picture. (you can easily spot this by the metal bangle)

Almost all of the stuff he sells is way over priced. I own this exact box and it cost me less than five Euro and not the thirty Euro Jörg Friedrich asks for.

Here is a convenient link to his private website. And this one leads to fine examples of his close up magic.

So here is my fine opinion about this man:

He is raping my beloved magic.
He tears down the magic image by bad performance.
His business morality is unethical.
He wear an ugly glitter vest.
He charges way too much money compared to his skill.
(I prank called him asking for his fee. He told me my "guests won't forget the show". You know what I believe him)
He is unable to captivate his audience.
By doing self working tricks he shows me that he is unskilled.
His website is so 1998, which suggests he doesn't give a fuck.
He is the Weekly Magic Failure.

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Jimmy Fingers said...

Hi Roland,

Thanks for your nice comments on my behalf, your attention to this matter is appreciated!

Yes, Jorg Friedrich is simply incapable of grasping that magic is an artform. There will always be people like this, just look at most American corporations and dignitaries. It's just common.

I have lowered the prices of the real deal to almost as low as, and, in some cases, lower than what he offers.

The unit that he is offering is a knockoff of an older model that lacks many current, advantageous features that allow the performer to concentrate more on performance than physicality.

I don't know of anyone I've ever come across who is this blatantly arrogant about his seemingly entitled view of what he wants to do. His loss is that if he was a real man, he'd be inventing something of his own. Inventing your own art and methods is what someone does when they take the constraint of creativity seriously, and move, spiritually, to the next level.

Welcome back to the newly priced Magellan Master Levitation!

Jimmy Fingers