Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #46

Btw, thank you for all the birthday wishes.


Trickster said...

Do you mean thank you for all the insincere birthday wishes you received with your previous post that was nothing more than a very obvious applause cue?
Yet no thanks to those who wished you a happy birthday unprompted?

Roland said...

Of course, I thanked the unprompted ones too. Unprompted and not on this blog.

And of course you got it right, my birthday post was an applause cue. And the very first one in my life I might add. I was the kind of person, who did not even tell anybody I had a birthday. In fact I would turn off the phone and lock myself away for that day of the year.

So did this experiment go well. Yeah, mostly... even thoug it is a bit vaunt.