Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damn, Persistence Does The Trick!

After having mixed reaction with that act in almost every single contest, casting or talent show in Europe Hayashi goes for the "Monkey Island" making sure to ridicule volunteers with the fashionable "cucumber wear"!

I bow my head to admit that persistence really does the trick and to avoid the freaking sword.

And because I swore to myself not to mention that one time that a kid got too close to the stage and almost got injured by the sword because Hayashi did not make sure that he had a proper stand, so he tripped causing the action described above. And because I swore not to mention it... I won't.


Jack said...

Well, at least we know there is a real risk involved then! I like the way he combines this with magic. It's compelling to watch.

Cursed said...

Magic? Where does he combine it with magic?