Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just A Sunday Post #49

I am wondering why the Magic Cafe has not picked up on this via a spam email by Steve Brooks.

Rachel Wild Colombini's wife needs a heart valve replaced. Normally I would have a begging email by Steve Brooks himself asking all magicians to unite to come up with the 200.000 dollars and all of that stuff. Although they have a thread about it.

He did it for Dirk Losander's baby, for Dean Dill and even for Steven Youell.

So, why is there no begging spam? Explain!

PS. The following is kinda mean! Especially towards the Colombini Family. But the thought came up.
PPS: 200.000 dollars, imagine how many starving children you can feed with this ammount of money.


Ultimagic said...

I think the same thing. Brooks just sent out a PM about NYMP and all the great products they have. But he doesn't give enough of a crap about this to send a PM.

There is a 13 year old kid named Kyle that got a bunch of the top magicians together to donate effects to an e-book project. The e-book is called "Wild at heart" and as of right now it contains over 43 different effects from Ben Harris, Cameron Francis, Peter Duffie and Many others. It is available here:

The cost is $20.00 for the e-book and 100% of the proceeds go to Aldo and Rachel for her surgery.

Kyle contacted Brooks about sending a PM to the cafe about a week ago... Kyle said he has received no response from Brooks. Sad stuff man. If it was Steve Youell the PM would have been out faster than Brooks cashes checks from banner sales.

Way to make a difference Mr. Brooks. Bravo.

Ultimagic said...

Oh and $200,000 dollars would feed a lot of children. Now extrapolate that 200,000 by the sheer number of procedures like this performed every year in the US alone.... Its Billions (Trillions?) of dollars.

Or you could just talk the CEO of the red cross into donating his $200,000 dollar a year salary. Good luck with that one.

Ultimagic said...

You know... I just checked on the cafe. There is a thread about the wild at heart e-book over there. Some of the posters on the thread were asking why Brooks has not sent out one of his mass PM's regarding the Colombini's situation and the e-book. Get this, All of those posts have been removed.

What a bunch of sad, boot licking losers. I can't believe these people. My feeling is just pure disgust.

I think Steve Brook's and the cafe have just earned that WMF they are nominated for.