Friday, June 4, 2010

Hawk 2.0

Is this any good? I'd like to know!


Trickster said...

It looks impressive but looks can be deceiving, as we well know.

Anonymous said...

Great internal debate I have had is with visual magic of a mechanical nature.

Don't know if its just me but effects like this and the vanishing, appearing cane ( candle etc etc) don't feel magical. Your mind almost instantly looks at it as some kind of mechanical change.

Not seeing the moment of truth allows you to substitute a magical explanation for a physical one.IMHO

darkstar said...

The pirate likes it.

I prefer the Erdnase change.

Something I think that may be realistic is the lack of frame rates on any video one would see.

It's obviously mechanical, seems the debate then would be if your style can run while your being chanced every time.

I like the Erdnase change still....and land lovers

Korbinian said...

Hello Folks,

you want a real honest opinion about this device? Sound like What has happened to this site. :-)
Yes it is a mechanical device and the video is right, it is very simple to make.
But it also breaks easily and the video is edited. It shows two different versions of the same effect mixed in one. You insert the card facedown in the deck and if you don't turn the deck it will appear facedown on top. So it looks deceiving. The angle restrictions are severe and the time delay option is almost very difficult.
Neverthenless if someone doesn't care about the restrictions, it is a nice idea.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...


the video is not edited in a way that is fakes someting. it really looks like this in real world.
If you handle it with care nothing will break, it never broke in my performances and I do it a loooot. But it is likeevery effect, you have to practice it first and then go out and perform it. The DVD covers all the handlings and we speak about the problems you can have and how to solve them. Nothing left out on the DVD. And all the people I showed it to, icluding the working pros loved it and were fooled really bad.

Bye Alex

Ultimagic said...

Wow!! Lots of hype for this effect. I got this a week ago and I've been playing with it ever since. Its very visual. But it has quite a few downsides not the least of which is what your left with after the change. Clean up is messy. Very angle sensitive. Reset is a nightmare for strolling or restaurant work. It messes up the rest of your cards with one of the substances thats used.... I can't think of anything really good about this effect other that the fact that you can set it up and do it once and it WILL look good.... If your standing at least 3 feet from the spectator. Its just not for me in my walk around work. Which basically means its going in the drawer. I hope you guys that buy it find more use for it than I will...

To chime in on the video editing thing... Yes, The demo video contains edits. Thats a fact and they can be seen if you pay attention. I think its ridiculous to edit a demo like this. I would rather you not show the thing at all than pretend you are filming for the next Chris Angel special. If you can't show the effect as it is in the real world, Don't show it at all. But not showing it would affect sales and thats the bottom line here. The camera also goes out of focus after the changes in the demo. This is not someone trying to be "artsy" with the filming. Its to hide what your left with after the change which would have been very noticeable on video.