Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WMF MagicFront

Have you heard that there are rip offs of magic effects for sale somewhere in Asia? I heard that rumor too and I even heard that sometimes the quality is up to par with the original product, but most often it is not.

Did you ever want to know if there is a way to get to such a black market? Maybe even online?

Here you go my friend, mate, amigo: MagicFront...

According to my very reliable sources ALL products are rip offs. Even though the products are advertised with original descriptions and images. I have to guess that some legal loophole is used to use the original trailer video and names... or not.

Take a look at Juan Mayoral's Meteors.

, MagicFront even adds their logo into the clip. Is that legal...?
MagicFront sell the effect for 128 dollars. (original price 500 dollars) I know for sure that it is not the original Meteors and that the method is actually different.

But there is good news. The owner of this website is too scared to give out his name. (I could not find it anywhere) But he is also scared of lawsuits. And has already removed a few products. Prior to the removal, the owner was "nicely" asked "to take it off or have some unwelcome visitors from Russia."

I could get into the morality issue here saying why it is not good to buy those rip offs, why the actual creator is hurt and how this is a major sign of a decline of values in magic. But I'll save that for another time.

So until I get the name of this evildoer "MagicFront" will be WMF this week.

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