Monday, October 5, 2009

WMF Marti Brill

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I admit it. I had no idea who this magician is. A friend made me aware of this "Expert Magician". Here is his one of a kind website which among other stuff leads to this promotional video.

I will not mention that there is a typo in the first sentence ("Gallaxy"), his constant leaning to one side, his bad topit work, that palming should be practiced, that the audience is the same (friends/family), that the video is way too long for a promotional video, that each routine can be directly attributed to other magicians, who can do all of that much better and I will not mention how poorly false applause is edited into the video.

What I will mention is his appearance on "America's Got Talent". Here the little anecdote: Marti decides to do a little bit with card manipulation, a chair levitation and assistant, perhaps because he thought he's "Got Talent". His performance was disastrous. The audience booed and the comments of the "judges" were a "hit in the face". So what does Marti do? Does he sweeps his performance under the mat and hopes that nobody will mention it again? No. He reedits the footage. So it looks like he was successful. A positive remark by David Hasselhoff, originally directed at the better magician Drew Thomas, was taken out by him and cut into his "own" video to make it look like his "own" comment.

Wow, that is ugly. Here is a link to the video in question, because embedding it into this blog has been deactivated for some reason. The actual performance is from 2:20 to 4:00. You can see the bored faces of the "judges", you can hear the audience barracking. It is poorly edited.

Next to the video it says: "Marti Brill is the most amazing Magician of all time ever in the history of the world! Amazes the audiance on America's Got Talent. Book now for Corporate Events, and Trade Show$!" Wow, that is hubris in pure form.

He deserves to be WMF.


darkstar said...

I could only handle 2 minutes. Reminds me too much of that "Tim Ellis" style everyone knows I loathe. Actually I don't find the blue Miami Vice jacket ironic at all.

Gavroche said...

Wow, this is just depressing. Not only hasn't he got a shred of idea how to create a routine, he also misleads his clients by editing in comments that were actually aimed at someone else.

I don't agree with all your selections, but this has to be a massive fail indeed.

Roland said...

You don't have to agree with all of my selections. It would be a bad sign if you don't make up your own mind. Indeed I welcome the fact that you disagree with me on some cases. That is the basis for a fruitful discussion.

Trickster said...

Still trying to grind that Ax I see darkstar, and still too gutless to do it in person, oh you poor sorry fool.

Exactly why is it that you're so obviously obsessed with Tim? Jealousy?

Ofcourse it's easy to attack others from behind the veil of anonymity, were's your performance vids?

Magic Unlimited said...

Darkstar is right. Tim Ellis is probably the least talented magician of all time! He's nothing compared to Marti Brill... or Darkstar.

Roland said...

Kids*eyeroll* could you at least try to fight in your own blogs...

MooncalfMagic said...

The reason I marked him as Fail of the year is because of the AGT video.

Talk about giving magicians a bad name!

Also, if you study the comments on his youtube posts? I think you'll find the same thing I've concluded... They're ALL HIM.