Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Boy our latest magic failure, the twins, are bad losers. They made YouTube take down every single copy of the video that shows them ripping off Marco Tempest. This behaviour is natural for the common copycat twin. It is part of their ritual to become the strongest of the tribe. This is no territory disputes but part of the rite of passage for the common twin (GEMINUS COPYCATUS). It is important that the elders reprimand the behaviour of their young. Otherwise the young have to leave and live outside the safety of group in the hostile environment outside.

It will take some time for the common copycat twin to learn that being part of a clan means to respect the habits and skills of the others. And that this respect is above legal claims.

Bonus: I saved the video. If anybody wants it, send me an email and I send it to you.
Due to legal reasons I am forced to say that the offer above is satire!

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