Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Mood Freestylin'

This is the story
of a magician I know.
On Halloween he did
one hell of show.

He always carried
a few decks of cards,
and on that night,
he did a lot for the arts.

You see, it was then,
he did sleight of hand,
when a few of the dead
crawled out of the sand.

The corpses that walked,
where special indeed,
wore tuxedos and bow ties
and needed to feed.

Some had a top hat
and some did wear gloves.
Some others were sticking
to half rotten doves.

But back to the story
back to the walls
in which our hero
did the cups and the balls.

He heard the strange sounds
that only zombies are making.
That call for "brains",
our hero was shaking.

But still he managed
to stay calm and he said:
"It is time for some action,
to kill all of the dead!"

So he gathered some props,
to start fighting the bodies.
Who once used to be
some of his magical buddies.

Who would have thought
that invisible thread
is strong enough
to cut off ones head.

Tossing the cards
takes lots of skills,
but it is worth the practise
as you get lots of kills.

Only one dead guy left,
among bloodshed and gore
our hero realized
his possession of cards was no more.

No more weapons,
just pure sleight of hand,
the dead wizard grinned,
it was a last stand.

But our hero had
an ace up his sleeve
and with that trick,
he gave it a mighty big heave.

The head was cut off
dismembered the fool,
who would have thought
that magic is cool.

The name of the hero?
It could have been me!
But it was not,
because it was thee.

Yes you heard right,
you fought the threat,
because the story
has not happened, yet!

The moral for you:
Show no mercy nor hearts!
And always carry with you
a few decks of cards!

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