Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #21

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What is GURU?

It's the closest demonstration of mind over matter that you'll ever be able to do.

GURU is inspired by an ancient technique used by monks called "Tum-mo". The technique allows them to raise the temperatures of their fingers by as much as 17 degrees. The human body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

? International researchers are astonished by these results.

GURU enables you to perform one of the most intriguing psychic feats that your spectators will ever experience.

One of the many possible uses of GURU:

Ask your spectator for a coin, and hand out a small clear plastic bag for examination. The coin is signed by the spectator and placed inside the bag for isolation. The spectator holds the bag.

You start to concentrate, letting your energy flow and heat up your fingers. You gently rub the coin, and transfer your energy and heat to it. You place the signed coin inside the bag, and continue to rub it softly. The spectator feels the coin inside the bag and confirms that the coin is getting hotter. The borrowed coin starts to heat up and VISUALLY melts through the bag. The spectator can see it and feel it. Give away everything to be examined.

The effect can take place on the hands of the spectator, and has been designed to be performed under test conditions.
Easy to do
Highly visual
No switches
No chemicals of any kind
Borrowed signed coin
Perform it surrounded
Everything can be examined before and after
Perform it anytime & anywhere
Always ready to go
Comes complete with patent pending technology and detailed instructions.

"FFFFing awesome!"
- Ben Harris

- Andrew Gerard

"OK Jay - you got me!! What a great premise and the method is revolutionary. The method here is diabolical and this certainly opens up an entire new field of magic effects. This is going to be the hottest effect in magic for quite some time. Also makes a great addition to other coin routines such as bending a coin. This is BLAZING HOT!!!"
- Paul Romhany

What a long winded advertisement for a really crappy effect for about 25 dollars. Here have a look:

What really would get me going if I cared a little more are the testimonials.

Ben Harris and Paul Romhany... I know little about the later one. But Ben Harris... I own the "Quarks and Quirks" book and aside from half backed ideas it is worth nothing. Except "Wink Wink" maybe. That is what Ben Harris is known for. For half backed stuff. Paul Romhany, well I heard him a few times on the iTricks Podcast and watched a few videos on YouTube, nothing which would label Paul as a creative magicians. But not bad. Both of them. How come they give that crappy effect of melting plastic a good review?

Unless I am missing the genius of the idea or the possible applications, I do not get it. Sorry.

PS: The effect would be good, if you take out the content of the plastic bag without hurting the plastic... a hole is just a hole.


LD said...

Yeah, I don't get it. A spectator will watch it and say, "Yeah, you got that coin out by somehow punching a hole in the plastic."

I don't see the application here. Like you said, get it out without harming the plastic and it's amazing. Punch a hole in the plastic and that's how a spectator would do it himself in a very practical, non-magical way.

At best they might think you discovered a new way to tear plastic wrap with one finger. Yippee.

Patent pending technology? I doubt it. Patents are far too expensive for magicians to acquire.

Gavroche said...

You seriously believe that those testimonials are real? I doubt Ben Harris would jeopardize his career by giving that particular review, especially since he's not known for swearing. Methinks the testimonals are faked...

If I remember, "The Game" is by Jay Crowe too and that is actually half-decent. It's an idea I had myself but never pushed through because I live in the wrong country for it to work effectively.