Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #20

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Wow, already 20 Sunday Posts. So here a particular scary post, since we are getting closer and closer to Halloween.

Peki, a German magician and one of first few Weekly Magic Failures. Here we see yet another thing. Peter Kinnigheit obviously discovered YouTube. And if you see nothing wrong with the video below I don't know what is wrong with you. He is the winner of multiple awards, and the video shows:

Is this a convincing levitation? All three of use the same method, commonly known as the Fearson Hook-up although the origin us much older. (Earliest mention I found was in a book called: "Démonstrations mystérieuses" by F.W. Conradi, 1922)

But what bothers even me more ist the setting. The costume and the music. Is there an actual performance niche where this can be performed? It is neither table hopping, nor walk around, nor stand up. It's not comedy and it is not really magic. So what is that? The additional information to the video says: "PEKI shows his best Magic Floating Routines, which are unbelievable. Peki is one of the best and most creative magicians in Germany." First part: I totally agree, it is HIS best and it is unbelievable. Second part: Obviously Peki has never heard of the Flicking Fingers, die Zauderer, Topas, Alexander de Cova and others.

Fact: Peki is past is prime and has not been informed about it yet.

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Gavroche said...

I could've forgiven a similar method, since the audience isn't gonna see it, but he uses a similar routine for at least two of the routines (I didn't watch the third) and he doesn't properly counter any thread suspicions.

You're right about the clothing and music...