Monday, October 19, 2009

WMF Emilio Pistolas

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And I thought that Pumaman Brad Jackson was the most annoying of his kind. But now I found Emilio Pistolas. Who is Emilio Pistolas? Well, another little rascal who abuses the magic art for base motives. To pick up women. Here is his great website.

I will not make a big fuss about how such actions hurt the magic image. Nor how much I despise such people because how they treat magic without respect. No... not this time.

Instead: Emilio Pistolas actually claims that the used material is his own. "All the girls where approached using only my original material and unique Stree magic skills." I assume he talks about this patter when he talks about his material not about the tricks itself. Because they are everything but "original".

Here is the website where you can see the routines:

First video: The Beamer... well, aside from the fact that the very untalented Daniel Madison (who probably will appear on my blog in time) has done it before (same gestures as he makes the corner vanish) the idea is not new. ("Self-Working Coin Magic" by Karl Fulves, done with a dollar bill)

Second video: Cash & Go... obviously Extreme Burn currently sold by Richard Sanders. Emilio Pistolas sells the trick as well, so this makes him an amoral person.

Third video: The Levitator... coin on string. Well.

Fourth video: Relative Matter... PK-Ring, a bottle, a folded bottle cap and a duplicate of the later one. What is one supposed to say about that? Oh yeah, it is Prohibition by Charlie Justice!

Yes all "original"!

Let's keep it short. Emilio Pistolas is a young man whos lust is bigger than his moral objection towards the ancient art of magic. Can he be blamed for that? No! Can he be blamed for receiving the title WMF? No!

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