Friday, January 16, 2015

WMF Paul Stockman

UK magician Paul Stockman may be not of the brightest lights among the magic community. But he has balls. Let me elaborate:. When it comes to advertisement you should not tell a lie. You may exaggerate a bit, but a lie is a big NO NO!

So what did he do you may ask? I'm getting to the point you impatient fan of the blog.

He basically took a few pictures of him an celebrities and put them on his website. So it seems.

In fact those pictures are fake.

Here is a picture of Tony Bennett and one of Sarah Michelle Geller. Both are wax figures and not real.

Paul Stockman took a picture while standing next to them. That in itself is not a pathetic thing. But to use those pictures in ones own advertisement is a low that I have not come across yet.

The following image is a screenshot from Paul's website.

You can clearly see the puppets there. The picture with Ricky Gervais (Spelled wrong on his website btw) is a great fabrication. And bad photoshop.

The original picture shows Ricky Gervais next to David Bowie. A facebook user placed them side by side:
The same dopey face you find in the picture with Simon Cowell.

Now I hear you say... .well, he at least doesn't say that he actually performed for these people. Well he says a lot of things on his website. One of the gems is this great line: "THE ONLY U.K PERFORMER TO SPECIALISE IN STAGE AND STAND UP PERFORMANCE." Oh really? The only one?

He also has a promo video. Around the 2:50 mark you will see this great image. The Headline reads: "Mentalist From U.K Performs for Tony Bennett in New York." Since the picture is a fabrication so I must assume the claim is a fabrication as well.

So I have to ask myself does a successful performer have to do this? A clear no is the answer.

In the news section of his website you can find this: "

We are thrilled to announce that Paul has won the award for International Psychological
Entertainer of the year.
The Stockman camp is still celebrating after finding out the news that they beat
Derren Brown to the post by just a hand full of votes.
Celebrities, The General Public and Paul's peers voted to put him at the top."

Oh boy his is wrong on so many levels. You never put another performers name in your advertisement! (Which is the point of his website) You never put yourself above another performer in your advertisement! Also: The Award for International Psychological Entertainer of the Year? What award is that? I dare to assume that award is fake. Please correct me on that if I am wrong. Also, why didn't Derren Brown win that?


Fred Zimmerman said...

This is truly stunning. I usually shrug stuff like this off, but this goes beyond the pale. I just sent an inquiry through his website, posing as the Chairman of a club whose members are all wax figures, and told him that judging from his website, he must be very popular in our community.

I concluded by saying that we, as a group, are not very demonstrative, but we are attentive.

What a tool.

Drew McAdam said...

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.. and just a wee bit pathetic.

Vnon Vmous said...

He does indeed state on his facebok page that he has performed for personal bookings for the celebrities in his profile, he says "Tony Bennett was a lovely man" he says he performed for "Ricky Gervais" and he claims Simon Cowell turned up at one of his gigs, when questioned on his facebook page, he continued to lie!

terran said...

Holy hell Roland, how do you find these LOL

Mike Fenwick said...

Aah well the gentlemans Facebook page is down now... may the saga continue!

Jan Forster said...

Why didn't I get these ideas, must be more than lack of time... :)

Anonymous said...

Umm And the offending Faked images appear on numerous websites
all over the internet including many entertainment agents such as
The Alive Network here -

I think he had best contact every agent he has ever given the image to and do some serious google searches
or a Reverse Image Search to discover all the sites with this image and then contact them all to get it removed as
without doubt that is Deceptive (and arguably illegal as in Fraud) advertising to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Direct from the home page I quote:

Paul Stockman is the only U.K Mentalist and Mind Reader to Specialise in Stage and Stand up Performance.

NOTE = which as we already know is a downright blatant Lie and untrue
(E.g. What About Derren Brown, Doug Segal and everyone else in UK
that is a Mentalist and Only does Stage and Stand up Show?) and then I quote:


NOTE = Voted for by whom and awarded by whom????

Even on his news page here - he can't stop himself from lying and states and I quote:

We are thrilled to announce that Paul has won the award for Best Mentalist/International Psychological Entertainerof the year.
The Stockman camp is still celebrating after finding out the news that they beat Derren Brown to the post by just a handfull of votes.
Celebrities, The General Public and Paul's peers voted to put him at the top.

FACT = This was a MAGICSEEN MAGAZINE "Award" and nothing more! It was voted for by READERS OF THE MAGAZINE ONLY...

In otherwords not members of the general public, and not celebrities in general as implied by his words, at best a few magical celebs may have bothered to vote, in the main complete unknowns voted, and good knows how many votes he and his mate put in for himself LMAO...

NOTE = Also the name of the "Award" was "Best Mentalist 2012" And not:


All Very sad and beyond deceptive indeed

Andy Foster said...

It even has a website counter on the bottom. So hipster!

Robert Bullock said...

Kind of too bad and pathetic... I actually liked Paul's "Connected" DVD. He has some talent and good concepts but why lie to the public? It's just bad business and unethical, not too much embarrassing when you get busted!

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Zauberin Edith said...

Ich finde es schon peinlich, nur diese Celebrity Bilder ├╝berhaupt zu posten.

It is embarassing to post these celebrity pictures whether or not they are genuine.

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neil gait said...

I hired Paul Stockman for my 45th Birthday party 10 years ago
He was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and i would hire him again.
Neil Gait Frome somerset.