Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's up with

Magicians on video, breathing heavily? Like seriously.... almost as if they have asthma and they ran five miles. Not talking about fat people. I know why they are breathing so loudly, but skinny magicians.


TzeYang said...

because...skinny fat.

Krab said...

Hell if you call Penguin Magic their on hold music has someone breathing all over it like they were running up stairs after a cupcake

The Smiling Mule said...

They have clearly been watching the Wesley James DVDs and adopted his ingenious cover of staring intently at his hands and exhaling violently through his nose.

I know Vernon was said to have "read between the lines" but James must be some sort of modern day rainman to extract that pearl of wisdom from the text!

A master.

Anonymous said...

I'm relatively fat but I am also very aware of how close I am to the microphone (or add music) when recording magic videos, because I don't want those watching to put it on mute so others in the room won't think they're watching a porn. I'm a courteous guy, what can I say?