Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kinda fast reaction!

There are three kinds of reactions whenever I do a WMF post. The most common one is to ignore me. And that works out for most performers. The second one is asking me if can take it down asap. Third would be going all ape shit and threatening me with lawyers and/or doing so. (e.g. Jack Moyer and "he who shall not be named" but his names sounds a lot like Hames L Dlark)

Guess what category Paul Stockman belongs to? Sorry to disappoint, but he simply asked me to take it down as some of what I claim is not true. I replied to further know what part is not true, to which he didn't respond, but instead stated that he wishes my post to be removed, as he did not give permission to publish it in the first place. Naturally I told him that I am aware that my post didn't require his permission and that again I am willing to hear his side of the story. Then he finally opened up a bit.

Before all that I had a talk with my girlfriend about it and we wondered a bit about a possible reaction. We thought he cannot refuse the fact that the pictures are faked, but he will probably argue that he indeed worked for some celebrities and that no picture was taken at that time, and that the statutes worked like a dummy in the celebrities stead.

And guess what. Pretty much that was his argument.

Now let's give him the benefit of a doubt and let all he is saying be true. That still is bad, bad practice. A practice not worthy of a successful performer of 15 years of experience.

He has taken down the relevant images. Which was the point of the post. So the prior post is scheduled to get unpublished in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Umm And the offending Faked images appear on numerous websites
all over the internet including many entertainment agents such as
The Alive Network here -

I think he had best contact every agent he has ever given the image to and do some serious google searches
or a Reverse Image Search to discover all the sites with this image and then contact them all to get it removed as
without doubt that is Deceptive (and arguably illegal as in Fraud) advertising to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Direct from the home page I quote:

Paul Stockman is the only U.K Mentalist and Mind Reader to Specialise in Stage and Stand up Performance.

NOTE = which as we already know is a downright blatant Lie and untrue
(E.g. What About Derren Brown, Doug Segal and everyone else in UK
that is a Mentalist and Only does Stage and Stand up Show?) and then I quote:


NOTE = Voted for by whom and awarded by whom????

Even on his news page here - he can't stop himself from lying and states and I quote:

We are thrilled to announce that Paul has won the award for Best Mentalist/International Psychological Entertainerof the year.
The Stockman camp is still celebrating after finding out the news that they beat Derren Brown to the post by just a handfull of votes.
Celebrities, The General Public and Paul's peers voted to put him at the top.

FACT = This was a MAGICSEEN MAGAZINE "Award" and nothing more! It was voted for by READERS OF THE MAGAZINE ONLY...

In otherwords not members of the general public, and not celebrities in general as implied by his words, at best a few magical celebs may have bothered to vote, in the main complete unknowns voted, and good knows how many votes he and his mate put in for himself LMAO...

NOTE = Also the name of the "Award" was "Best Mentalist 2012" And not:


All Very sad and beyond deceptive indeed