Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year

I got an email.... "Hey cocksucker, have you died?"

The simple answer: Yes, yes I have. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, then Hades said "Καλημέρα!". Naturally I didn't get that. But he showed me around. I saw the pool area, the beer volcano and the true Magic Castle. Dai Vernon sat in the corner as usual ranting about magicians. Larry Jennings was drunk and his palm flashed.

I was confused. Hades showed me more. I wondered why Hades had red skin and horns on his head. Eventually we went past a picturesque mountainside. There was a giant gap in the side of the mountain. From that gap screams were heard. I demanded to see what was going on there. Hades hesitated and showed me anyway. Burning people being drowned in acid.... I looked at Hades. He shrug his shoulders. "I don't know..." he said "...these are catholics, they want it that way."

Then I woke up and it was 2015. Holy Shit.

The last few month of 2014 were busy, really busy for me, so blogging took a back seat.

So what is the news?

Dean Dill needs money for cancer treatment. That sucks. Both that he has cancer and that he needs money to treat it. The later would be unheard of here in Germany, where we have public health care. Still don't know why so many Americans are against it.

But there are countries where you are worse off being a magician.

Apparently a magician got beheaded by ISIS, you know that wacky little interest group with the mental stability of a three-year-old. I don't know if this is true, "The Mirror" has a bad report card when it comes to the validity of their articles. They even shoehorned Dynamo into the article leading to a possible misinterpretation, that maybe Dynamo was involved. I cannot tell if it was intentional or not.

Speaking of Dynamo...

...he has now found his way to the penguin lecture crowd. Dan Harlan who hosted that event must have been amused how this likable man shows off his pathetic card skill. Nothing shows more of his dilettantism than a live performance. Turning his unbelievable TV shit into a farce and showing the true hypocrisy.

I think 2015 has a lot to offer.


Krab said...

The dynamo lecture is not a lecture. It is am interview recorded a couple of months ago

Roland Henning said...

Yes it is an interview, but he does teach an Ace production and that is crap.

Krab said...

I'm really hoping the Juan Tamariz lecture is a lecture and not an interview. I would even take a theory lecture with no effects over an interview with Tamariz.