Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pocket This! by Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones

How about a DVD review for a change. I ordered a few magic things the other day. An this DVD was in there as a freebie. "Pocket This!" by Christopher Congreave and Gary Jones. Never heard of it. Apparently "Professional Card to Pocket Routines".

Really? Lets see!

At first I feared it is one of those DVD's were the emphasis is on non palming techniques. Oh no, turns out this is real world material. With actually skill required.

This first thing I noticed is that both performers obviously have a performing background and that both are annoying. In a UK way of annoying. Christopher Congreave more than Gary Jones. One has to get used to this constant making fun of the other person. But if you look past it and see the routines you are in for a pleasant surprise. Repeated Card to Pocket, Multiple Card to Pocket and Pocket to Pocket. A few things are rather weak, like the Two Card Transpo by Christopher Congreave. His approach and solution to the problem has probably been created and done by every magician who plays around palming cards.

It is hard to watch that DVD in one sitting, because of camera man who had a seizure or something. Constant zooming in and out, and tilting the camera. I had to reduce the size of the window on my PC as not to get motion sick. This is atrocious.

But back to the content. By far the best routine on the DVD is Gary Jones' Repeat Signed Card to Pocket. I have tried my own version of that, but failed as it never clicked with me. Gary's version solves a lot of problems I had while constructing a routine. In his version three cards are signed and then appear in different pockets. Instantly they jump back to the pockets. The method used is pretty efficient and the structure gets to the point quickly. In the end all of the cards end up in a wallet. Solid workable ending. You can clearly sense that this routine is road tested.

My own card to pocket is very, very standard. First the signed card goes a few times, then the deck. Not on that DVD.

So would I recommend this. Yes, to all that are real workers and can stand atrocious camera work, loud and heavy breathing and the UK performing style.

BTW. There is no footage of them performing for real people. If you are bothered by that "issue" you are not a real pro.

Of all the free magic stuff that comes to my house this was surprisingly good and I would probably have paid for it.

I'm actually interested in more stuff by Gary Jones in particular. Weird how he got on my radar.


Gary Jones Magic said...

Yes we are annoying, we Brits call it sarcasm and most non Brits get it...actually most Btits don't get it either lol.

Yes the magic is hard hitting and the routines involves multiple palms from both hands, action palms, one hand palms, turnover palms and a few cops,but the work is worth it!

Thank you for your honest review.
Gary Jones.

Gary Jones Magic said...

I meant.......most non Brits don't get our humour.....and we learned a valuable lesson doing this DVD (along with Flying Tonight and Pseudo Pickpocket) never get a wedding videographer to film a magic DVD,and, at the time we thought some of the gags were funny, but not on a teaching DVD :-)

Lesson learned!

PS It's great that dealers have to give these away to get rid of them lol! Ironically, I use most of this stuff daily and it is killer stuff, I'm glad and sad that this stuff has gone under the radar...and we don't do these DVDs for the money!