Monday, December 24, 2012

Review Shows Suck

I need to get that of my chest. There are a few people dedicating time and effort in creating review shows for magic effects. And almost all of them suck. Expect the Magic Friday one. Most know of course would be the Wizard Product Review by the greatest host the magic scene deserves. Craig Petty and David Penn.

Granted, the two have some understanding of magic. But whatever goes beyond their level of expertise and their level of experience as real world performers will be oblivious to them. So it feels like a possible train wreck is coming with each new episode. I'm happy that lately they have focused on just their level of magic. Reviewing Tenyo.

Is it that hard to be honest about a product? Well they are selling products so naturally they are not allowed to be honest.

So here's my idea: To all the manufacturers of magic. If you want an honest review of your magic send it to me. I tell you how much you suck or I will praise you into heaven if you really have something good to offer. I got real world experience. I perform casual and formal. For kids, adults and corporate entities. I perform a lot. I do think I have a commercial sense when it comes to magic products. So what I will give you is the opinion of a working pro who performs for all but magicians.

There is a bit of a catch. I'll review everything I get. If you send me any crap or any gold I will review it. With video and all. And there is nothing you can do about it.

So who has the balls to spend money to send me some stuff? Write me an email so we can work out the details!

PS: Do the reviewers get to keep the stuff or do they send it back?

PPS: Happy Holidays!


Bizzaro. said...

They just sell it on SME on Facebook.

Gary Jones Magic said...

I will send you my stuff, I think your idea is brilliant. I'm also part of a review show at Warped Magic, the panel take a review item and give it to me to do in front of a live audience so the viewer can judge whether it's good or not, which I think is really fair as you get to see how it plays in a real world setting.

Roland said...

Write me an email (on the bottom of this blog) and I can give you details.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect to get anything titled 'Paul Harris Presents'...............

Great blog by the way - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

This is funny as fuck.

You write article after article slagging off WPR, Petty and Penn and how they crap they are, even go as far in one article to suggest Petty & Penn are gay because they have English accents (WTF???) and it was clearly all down to jealousy.

And now here's the proof.

Sorry to tell you this buddy, but the WPR gets thousands and thousands of views. I'd be surprised if more than 100 people on earth have ever stumbled across this blog site. In fact I only did when I googled Craig Petty's name, the fact you were pretty high up shows you how much you must bang on about him on this blog.

Grow up (something you keep telling others to do), stop slagging off the WPR (just stop watching it man if you think it's that crap) and forget this pipe dream of being a respected Magic Reviewer.

Roland said...

It's either you or me that fails to see irony. I hope it's me, that way I can change it. Perhaps.

It's not about numbers. I don't care to have thousands and thousands of views. Nope. If I would want that I would do video blogging instead of writing. I write for those few that appreciate it. And as few as they are (a little more that 800-1000 per day) I value their choice to come by and read. Sometimes they disagree and sometimes they agree. And sometimes they interact with me. Sometimes this leads to astonishing results. Sometimes it fails.

This isn't a "win" blog. Same goes for me. I'm not out to win. Be it viewer, fame or hate.

I didn't suggest that Craig and Dave are gay. I said they "SEEM" like that. And I clearly said that I didn't know why. This is what I wrote: "Craig Petty and David Penn certainly seem gay. Maybe it's the English accent, maybe it's the metro sexual look. Somewhere along those lines there is a closet. Both simply don't come across as straight. But hey whatever float your boat. I'm not judging life styles here."

Jealousy? Wow, what an argument. This is the typical ad hominem argument that is hard to argue against. No matter what I say it will be used against me. Even staying away from commenting will be used against me. Even those lines that I'm typing right now will be used against me. Because the argument is against me.

Is it hard for you to hide the fact that you are gay? See! No matter what you answer, you cannot win. (Btw: I'm not claiming anything. It's your choice after all.)