Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quote of the Week

"Beginner TipHow do you get audiences to like you?Easy— start by liking THEM."

Chad Long


The Smiling Mule said...

Rubbish. Nothing worse than pretending to like someone, and you can't like everyone.

How to get audiences to like you? Study your art, learn it properly, come up with a performance that does the art justice and isn't just designed to get people to like you.

Practice until it is competent and present it with a view to helping the reputation of magic, not your own.

Yet still everybody wont like you but that's life. At least you haven't prostituted a few simple secrets for the sake of drawing attention to yourself.

Gary Jones Magic said...

Absolutely agree 100% with you on that and I hate that quote!

Gary Jones Magic said...

.......just to add, it's the quote I hate not the performer....! Magic is just an act, we're playing a character, that's it. Some magicians play the good guys, some the bad guys, it's just an act!

They're only bleedin tricks, don't take it, or yourself too seriously!!

Unknown said...

The quote is just a variation of the Golden Rule.
Knowing Chad, the guy has such a kind and charming demeanor it's impossible NOT to like him.
Plus he's a brilliant magician.
I despise magicians who perform as a smart-ass with a 'gotcha' attitude (and there are WAY too many of them) offending audiences and souring them towards magic in general.
Over 100 years ago Nate Leipzig said,"People don't mind being fooled by a gentleman."