Thursday, November 1, 2012

Justin Miller's Light Speed

I can't get over this... You take a ring and string routine and apply it to a rubber band. The ability to stretch a rubber band allows for unique phases... But a borrowed finger ring going into the performers mouth? Really? This is not for the professional. Even though it doesn't happen, it seems like it's happening.

Peter Mckinnon endorsed the product by saying: "Light speed completely fooled me. And then it fooled me again. Finally a multiple phase ring and rubber band routine that I'll actually use. Well done!"

Who is Peter Mckinnon? I assume the guy from the Black Mail DVD with Bobby Motta. Really? Did that fool you?... have I become so much of a magician, that I cannot see what a layman sees. Lemme check! Let's do an experiment.

Me: "Hey layperson get over here, and watch this video!"
LP: " 'kay"
Me: "How does he do it?"
LP: "Hmm not sure, but he sure fiddles a lot."
Me: "Would you like him to do that with your finger ring?"
LP: "No way, gross!"

Experiment over: Alright, apparently the routine does fool laypeople. Who would have thought! Adam Wilber who also endorses the product says it much more eloquently: "Wait! What? dude WTF just happened?"


Magnus Asbjorn said...

I thought Petter Mckinnon's claim to fame was that he designed one of those super limited decks of custom cards. The ones named "Limited".

Marplots said...

Once again, you just don't get it.
It's Justin Freakin' Miller's mouth!

...and he got a purty mouth.

Justin Miller said...

hey all seriousness, and the only reason I am even responding to this is because I am high as giraffe pussy right now, (how's that for a magic sound bite?). Have you even tried to perform this for people? I find it interesting and completely hypocritical of people like you, that you would like to have your viewers think that your so smart that you can actually judge a product without actually performing it in its fullness and see what reactions you get and why you get them. Also, if you had LIGHT SPEED, you would know that in no way do you have to do the full routine as I provide multiple handilings for the effect. And trust me, its no worse than actually taking a signed card out of your dick home and handing it to your spectator. At least I am out there trying and trying (and failing many times)..BUT I actually DO SOMETHING!
I am starting to loose my high now, sooo I will bid you adieu.

Marplots, thank you. I am incredibly honored that my mouth can be the subject of your thoughts..kiss.
Lol, I can see it now "holy shit, did you read what justin miller said"? "yes, he is totally gay"

Justin Miller said...

As a side note roland..dude I want to seriously thank you for the free publicity, you upped my yearly wages by a full 30% because I was featured as a WMF. I cannot wait to see what this does for LIGHT SPEED! Once again man thank you.
If there is anything I could do for you please do not hesitate to ask and if it is in my power consider it done.

The Smiling Mule said...

If it's not too much trouble, could you be just a little more typically transparent and logically flawed?

How about pulling out the "you're just jealous" line, that's always a winner.


Marplots said...

I like JM's stuff. And there's so darn much of it, no one could do it all.

Went to a Nathan Kranzo lecture recently and he pulls a playing card out of his underwear.

If the magic is strong enough, hygiene takes a backseat. There's that lifesaver on dental floss coming out of someone's neck -- I forget who did it, but it was on TV.

On the other hand, did you see that guy pull quarters out of his eye socket?

Still, my mouth ain't so purty as all that. You need the sweet mouth for misdirection.

Roland said...

Hi Justin... I'm not saying it is not a deceptive little routine (borderline deceptive) but I actually tried that little experiment. And about the mouth bit... Both of the girls were freaked out by the idea of their ring going into a strangers mouth.

So I'm clearly saying that this routine is not for professionals. Professionals are strangers to their audience. Friend and family... that's a whole different beast.

Justin Miller said...

You and I will have to disagree on this point as the people I have performed it for (over 1k times to date) not one single person ever freaked out or said anything about that moment. I also think it has a lot to do for the people we are performing for (you in amsterdam?) and me in the USA. A totally diff best of people and reactions.

Anywho, thanks for your reply.

Justin Miller said...

could you elaborate a little more on your idea here?

Justin Miller said...

Yea or how about when blaine spit the girls teeth back into her mouth and literally SPIT in her direction! Only 2 people there were "plants" and the rest had no idea what was going on, I know this because I was indirectly part of that scene.

Chris said...

If someone borrowed my finger ring and put it in their mouth, I'd want them to have alcohol wipes with them as well to disinfect it. I'm not particularly germophobic or OCD, but that's just not something I would want a stranger to do with my ring. It wouldn't go back on my finger straight away at the very least.

The Smiling Mule said...

Certainly, which particular point is it that you are having trouble with?