Friday, November 2, 2012

Jay Sankey's Third Eye Learning System

I was about to rant a little about Jay Sankey's micro camera that he is selling to spy on people. I was about to tell you how much I think that Jay has run out of magic to sell, so he is selling a system to learn instead. I was about to tell you how much I dislike the idea of secretly recording your audience. How much of a misuse of trust this is and all of that.

I won't! Not after watching the video where he praises this thing into heaven! Instead I will rant about another little habit of Jay.

STOP GETTING SO DAMN CLOSE TO THE CAMERA! Your face is way too close. I only get this close to people when I decide to have some happy time. And hell no, I don't want to have happy time with Jay Sankey. So go away! Like 3 or 4 feet. Gee!


Marplots said...

All I can think of is "upskirt."

Peter Prevos said...

Magicians need to be careful when using spy cameras. In some countries it is illegal to record people without consent. I pointed this out to Jay and recommended him to add a warning to his product description.

He is also very secretive about what the camera looks like and its technical specifications. This is probably because we would ootherwise buy one on eBay for 30 bucks :-)


Brian Mattson said...

I really hope he starts to bundle this with his "Firestarters" DVD. The resulting YouTube videos of kids trying to pick up women with magic would be absolutely pricesless - creepy, but priceless

Stacy said...

Quite. There are a whole host of things a for sale as special props for magic and mentalism, which are actually repurposed regular items, often very cheap items, which just happen to be the ideal brand for the job.

A good example of this is liquid forks, which are clearly the cheapest forks money can buy.

I saw a guy with an electronic imp pad that he paid about £150 for and I immediately saw that it was a device you can buy for about £30 if you know what it's called.

Lots of upselling in magic.


darkstar said...

These gizmos have been around for a long time, and are very inexpensive. It's not rocket science to put two and two together and realize Sankey is actually making a profit by selling it at 25 we can assume the technology is roughly 10-15 dollars.

I'll admit to buying a watch with a camera sometime back. It's cheap, but does the trick...thing is I think I can speak for the majority that after a week or two you realize it really doesn't improve shit, and your going to feel like a weasel. It seems good on paper (and boy can Sankey try his best to sell it), but I assure my friends it is just an impulse buy....sounds good in theory, but meh...another dust collector.

Improving is a real time recipe and our memories serve better than we may give it credit for when it comes to performing.

Gary Jones Magic said...

This sort of thing reminds me of stalking, it's sly and creepy, a bit like that creepy UK magician who recently recorded a phone call of a famous magician and then threatened to bully him with it.

Yes it is a good idea to record yourself to find faults, but not covertly/without permission, and imagine if you get found out, you'd get labeled as a pervert magician!! If I found out someone was covertly filming me I would shove their camera where the sun doesn't shine, and more!!!