Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Growing ring, growing awareness!

Paper Crane Magic is selling "Growing Ring" by Dan Hauss. The effect... well a growing ring. Just that! Here is the trailer:

Now when I saw this my mind was reacting with a bit of a "Wait am moment, I've seen this before". A little bit of research and voila German magician Jorgos Katsaros has a very, very similar little trick, that he's been doing since 1998. In fact it looks better when he does it. Here it is. At 4:20

Paper Crane claims that this is Dan Hauss' creation. Independent? Perhaps. But awfully close. I maybe wrong and the creator is actually Dan Hauss and Jorgos Katsaros uses it with Dan's kind permission. Nope I know that is not. I contacted Jorgos Katsaros and he wasn't even aware of Paper Crane's release.

Jorgos Katsaros has performed at the Magic Castle three times. Maybe, just maybe someone sitting in the audience told Dan Hauss. No crediting due to poor research?


chabang said...

They both use different methods so i guess that's their get-out...

That aside - Jorgos's act is BRILLIANT

Anneman said...

Jorgos' version looks WAY stronger. Has that one been marketed? Would love to buy that one!

Unknown said...

THE ring thing is ho-hum, but the climax of his act is spectacular.
He grows 4 feet taller, how the hell !?

Randy said...

Fantastic act!